1. How Motorcycle Helmets Are Made

    Wed 01 February 2017
    By Earle

    In the previous post, we shared how biking helmets are made.  Continuing on the educational trend, because hey, a bit of education never hurt anyone (and we want you to know the process behind how helmets are made!), here is a video about how motorcycle helmets are made:

  2. Health Hazards of Not Wearing Helmets [Video]

    Tue 31 January 2017
    By Earle

    Fair warning: the following video is extremely graphic and is being posted to drive a point home: wearing a helmet is not optional!  Many people have lost their lives or have encountered serious brian trauma.

    Again, please watch if a) you can take graphic imagery! b) you want to understand the serious repercussions of not wearing a helmet when partaking in extreme sports: